Project Hope

 “I can’t sleep; I am scared and feel depressed.”

Basma, a teacher from Yemen, got in touch with us through one of our Facebook pages. She is certainly not the only one who struggles with fear and insomnia in this time of crisis. Every day our Follow Up team talks to numerous people in the Arab World who struggle with the psychological, spiritual and economic consequences of the corona crisis.

Fear of illness or death, fear to lose loved ones, of loss of income. Fear because the atmosphere at home has deteriorated and there is an increase in domestic violence. Many people feel depressed and struggle with feelings of insignificance. Sometimes it is already such a help when someone listens to you, empathises, thinks along with you and prays for you. Where appropriate, we can offer psychological help and we can always offer hope and direction from the Word of God.

Amal, a Muslima from Algeria, expressed the hope, ‘that God will take away the fear from our lives.’ But she added something to that hope, ‘I trust in the prayers of our Christian brothers and sisters.” Don’t let Amal down! Please pray for her and the many others who are going through difficult times.

The cost of providing follow-up and producing content for social media for six months is 10,000 euro. Your gifts to support this work will be deeply appreciated.

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