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Arab Vision is a community of mostly Arab Christians who proclaim the Gospel through producing and broadcasting video (TV) programs in the Arab World (Middle East, the Gulf and North-Africa).

Vision and Mission


We envision an Arab World with, in each People Group, an increasing number of vibrant Churches that play a strategic public role in shaping their societies in accordance with the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ.


Arab Vision is a community of Christians committed to changing individuals and societies through the Gospel of Jesus Christ, by producing and distributing effective Christian video programs, using appropriate media for various target audiences in the languages of the peoples of the Arab World.


Founded in 1997 as a Trust Fund under Cyprus law, Arab Vision has produced programs in a variety of Arabic dialects and non-Arabic languages including Sourani (Kurdish), Kabyle (Algeria), and some Moroccan Berber languages. Watching people share their faith in their own language, the language of the heart, and addressing issues that are relevant for audiences with specific (cultural) backgrounds, has a tremendous impact.

The programs are made available to Christian and secular (satellite) television and Internet broadcasters for the Arab World. Because many channels broadcast them repeatedly, the programs of Arab Vision have filled 10 to 24 hours of airtime each day throughout the past years. They are also available as streaming video on many websites.

Throughout the years we have seen the impact of our programs in the growth of the church in Kabylia, Algeria, in the testimonies of Tunisians who became followers of Jesus Christ, in the growing awareness of violation of women’s and children’s rights, and rights of (religious) minorities in the Middle East.

The Arab World

Nearly 400 million people live in the 22 countries of the Arab World; about 50% are younger than 25. Within this predominantly Muslim region, Christians form minorities of less than 10% in every country but Lebanon. War and persecution in Iraq, Syria and other countries have driven many Christians to seek refuge outside the Arab World.

Literacy in the Arab World is extremely low. Half of all people and, in some Arab countries, up to 70% of women are functionally illiterate. For that reason, and also because Arab society is an oral society, TV is watched on a large scale via satellite and internet. Programs in the various forms of Arabic and in non-Arabic languages – in the language of the heart – are therefore very effective. Using subtitles is not very effective when people can hardly read!

Organisational structure

Organisational structure

Arab Vision has its headquarters in the Netherlands and has support offices, with their respective boards, in the USA where it is recognized as a 501(c)3 organization, and in the UK, where it is registered as a charity in England and Wales (no 1154993). Arab Vision in The Netherlands has a charity status as well.

The board of Arab Vision in the Netherlands has 3-5 elected members. Members belong to different denominations and we strive to have a good m/f balance. The terms of membership of the Dutch board are two times four years. The Dutch board meets three or four times a year.

The international director is ex-officio member of the board and the boards of the Arab Vision support offices, presently in the USA and the UK, have a seat in the board with voting rights.

The International Office of Arab Vision is a virtual office; most staff members are local co-workers in the Arab World. The international office, the production house, the social media/follow up department and the support offices are spiritually and contractually linked together; the board in the Netherlands is leading in safeguarding the vision of Arab Vision.

Organisation chart


Listen to Coptic Orthodox Bishop Thomas of Al Qussia in Egypt

“If there was ever a time that we need each other, pray for one another and approach the world in the Spirit of Jesus’ love, it is now. I urge you to stand shoulder to shoulder with Arab Vision.”

Brother Andrew, founder of Open Doors  (https://www.opendoors.org/)

“We highly value our longstanding partnership with Arab Vision. The programs they produce are being widely used on SAT-7’s Arabic channels and today are touching the lives of millions of people across the Arab World.”

Pastor Bill Lovell

Pastor Bill Lovell of the Arab Vision board in the USA, shares about his love for the ministry of Arab Vision in this video.

Dr. Terence Ascott, Founder and CEO of SAT-7 (http://www.sat7.org/)

“The very existence of Arab Vision is a testament to God’s love for the Arab nation.  Like a well in the wilderness that provides wanderers with access to life-saving water, Arab Vision is Beer-lahai-roi:”the well of the Living One who sees me [Hagar].” Day after day Arab Vision faithfully pumps out the comforting, healing, life-saving, sustaining and empowering waters of God so that Arabs might share Hagar’s experience and declare, “Truly here I have seen him who looks after me.” (Gen 16:13-14 ESV) This is a phenomenal ministry addressing an ever-growing thirst; it is worthy of our generous financial and prayer support. The results will be, and already are, amazing!”

Elizabeth Kendal, www.ElizabethKendal.com
Religious Liberty Analyst and Advocate
Author, Turn Back the Battle: Isaiah Speaks to Christians Today (Deror Books, Dec 2012)

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There are many organisations we cooperate with in our ministry; probably too many to mention. You will find some on this page.

Interserve Partners are engaged in integral ministry, impacting lives and communities across different dimensions and at multiple levels. They seek to serve in locations and roles where they can make a real difference to those in need.

Arab World Media:
The purpose of Arab World Media, a ministry of Pioneers, is to share the gospel of Christ with peoples of the Arab world.

Open Doors:
Worldwide ministry to serve the persecuted church.

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