You are a great blessing in my life…

Hadiya is 20 years old. She is a Muslima. We talked with her for seven months and shared the Gospel message with her. She started to realise that the only solution for her life is to return to God. Hadiya told us that she is suffering emotionally from a sexual assault. We told her that Jesus wants to heal her and to give her the strength to forgive the one who assaulted her. We asked her if she wants to accept Jesus in her life and she said, “‘Yes I believe that Jesus redeemed me,” and she prayed with us. We’ve started to teach her more about Jesus. We organized a face to face meeting for her and she told us that we and the servant of God that she met, are a great blessing in her life and that we helped her in many issues in her life and relationships. We still follow up with her.

But God loves you

Rada is married with two children. She is struggling because her husband is cheating on her. She tries to please her husband, but he still cheats on her. Several times she thought about committing suicide, but the fear of God stops her from doing it. We talked and showed her how God loves her and cares for her life. We are helping her heal from the emotional wounds she has because of her husband’s cheating. She says that she is still with her husband only because of her children. We sent her a video about cheating in marriage. She is a really nice person and is hurting. Please pray for her.

Jesus has touched Ramzy’s heart

Ramzy says that even though he is a Muslim, in his heart he loves Christians. He says that although there are no churches in his hometown, Jesus has touched his heart. He has a Bible and is hiding it from his family. He asked us about the writers of the Bible and how Jesus is the Word of God. We were able to connect with him and respond to his questions. Continue to pray that we would have more connection and that he would have a full understanding of the truth.

I want to know more about Christ…

A woman from Algeria commented on the issue of forgiveness that we are addressing these days on social media. She said that forgiveness is not easy, but we can do everything with Christ. She mentioned that she was a Muslim and left Islam when she got to know Christ. She wants to learn more because she does not go to church and she doesn’t often read the Bible.  We messaged her about the assurance of salvation and how to make sure that Christ lives in her heart, about becoming a child of God and receiving everlasting life. We suggested to her to read the Bible together, and she was happy with this suggestion. She read Paul’s Letter to the Philippians and the letter to the Ephesians and wrote about things she learned from each letter.

Help me, please

A mother asks for advice for raising her son. She used to be beaten severely by her father when she was a child. Moreover, she had to apologize after that. Sometimes her father accepted her apology and sometimes he didn’t.  He used to hit her for small things like playing on the street or being busy doing her homework and forgetting to do the housework, even when she really had to study, especially when she was at secondary school and college. She is emotionally damaged because of what happened. Now she is a mother and she hits her eldest son who is 5 years old, because he doesn't concentrate on his studies. She knows it is a mistake, but still she can't control herself and stop shouting and hitting her son. Afterwards she cries because she knows that the reason was not worth the punishment. She asks for help because she is getting depressed and her son has turned into a person with a weak personality. We are trying to help her with advice for raising her child in a proper way.

I feel lonely….

Ramadan is 19 years old. He lives with his mom and his brothers. He is the youngest of the family. His dad passed away. He feels lonely so we suggested that God could help him with that. He asked to know about the master (Jesus) so we explained the Gospel to him and he responded saying that he understood we have sinned and no one can save himself, but Jesus saves us and gives us permission by his mercy to be in heaven. We asked him if he wanted to become a Christian, but he was so afraid. We told him not to fear because he could pray to receive Christ by himself. He didn’t need to go to a church to pray; he could just do it in his heart. He repeated the prayer after us to receive Christ and now we’ve started to study the Bible with him. He wants to be in a church so we are searching to help him find an online group for him to connect with.  

A very expensive gift

Um Rami got in touch with us. She said she is a Muslim and accepts Islam as her religion. We talked about God’s love for her, and we told her, ‘We will give you a very expensive gift.’ So we sent her the film of the life story of Jesus Christ, and we pray that God may open her heart as she sees Christ and His love for her.

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