Committed to Jesus Christ

Ahmed lives in North Africa and he has committed his life to Jesus Christ. When he shared his story with one of his cousins, his heart was changed as well. He is now sharing the Gospel message with many people and would like to join a theological college. We have sent him online Bible study materials.

I am not alone…

Fatima is a 29 year old lady from North Africa. She contacted us through one of our Facebook pages. Fatima used to work as a teacher but lost her job. She felt empty, lonely and depressed, without opportunities, relationships and significance. She told us that she lost her faith in God and had no hope. We were able to encourage her, we talked to her about her past and she came to the conclusion that there is hope. Gradually she began to face her issues, knowing that she was not alone. Now she has begun to pursue her dreams. We are still keeping in touch with her.

Protecting yourself from negative words

Muna is 20 years old and was married when she was 16. She now has two children and lives with her husband’s family. Her husband is abroad. Muna feels that she has no goal in life, she never goes out, and all day long she is working in the house. She said she’d rather be dead. We talked to her about protecting herself from negative words and encouraged her to get out of the house and live her life.

How can I release all the negative energy?

A 23-year-old woman got in touch with us. She was married at 15, and after 8 years she was divorced due to betrayal and family issues. She is now studying and working, but feels depressed. We talked about how to release all the negative energy.

Will Halaa’s husband take a second wife?

Halaa is a Yemeni woman, married with no children. She is afraid that her husband will take a second wife. We told her that with God everything is possible and life does not consist exclusively of marriage and children. True happiness comes from within. We invited Halaa to contact us, whenever she feels the need.

Ali is now on a journey of discipleship

Ali is from a Muslim background. He has many Christian friends who tell him about Christ. He has a desire to experience the joy and peace that are found in Jesus. One night he saw Jesus in a dream. Ali had a lot of questions about Christianity. With the grace of God we answered them all. We shared the Gospel message with him and he was eager to know everything about Christ. Responding to his desire, we managed to connect him with one of our team members to have a face-to-face meeting and now he is on a journey of discipleship studying the word of God.

Karim is reading the Bible

Karim is a 21 year old Muslim from Algeria. Since he was young he wanted to learn about Christianity. Now that he has connected with us through our Facebook page, we have the chance to explain to him the good news. We sent him a Bible and he is reading it now. We are continuing to walk with him in his search for truth.

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