Follow-up & Impact

100 conversations every day!

Our follow-up team has approximately 100 conversations each day. On our various Facebook pages we had over 1.5 million completed video views in the first half of 2018. (For non-Facebook users: most people watch a clip only for a few seconds and then move on to something else.)

During that same period we were able to provide more than 300 people with materials they needed, including Bibles, discipleship materials, articles, etc. to help the people who connected with us.

Using social media, email and mobile phones, our follow-up team are ready to offer a listening ear to those who need it, respond to viewers’ questions, pray with them and even provide material help.

Many viewers call to share their testimonies, others the emptiness of their lives. Often they can be referred to local Christian communities or new groups of believers are formed.Our team is based in the Middle East and can connect enquirers to other follow-up networks in the region.

Support our Follow-Up team

Our follow-up team consists of 7 part-time co-workers who are available to viewers responding to programmes or ‘just’ looking for a listening ear, in need of prayer or some material help. The team is there for 7 days a week, for about 12 hours a day.

We pay our follow-up team from our general fund which is very limited because our work is done mainly on a project basis. Would you consider (regularly) supporting our follow-up team?

You find our bank-details here; you can also donate online or contact us.

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