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Peace is not the mere absence of war or conflict, or an internal good feeling. The Biblical Hebrew word Shalom has a much richer meaning, described by concepts like wholeness, flourishing, delight, justice and fulfilment. It is the way in which things ought to be. We see ongoing wars and conflicts in the Arab World: bloodshed, despair, hatred, injustice – a total opposite of how things ought to be.

We produced a special program series about Peace – Shalom – Salam. We want to bless the millions in the Arab World with the peace that transcends all understanding. We see so much brokenness, not just in countries with big conflicts and wars, but in many people’s lives, families, circumstances.

The project aims to highlight the peace that Jesus brings to the world. In his birth we find the fulfilment of the promise of peace in the Bible. We want to remind Christians in the Arab World that Jesus is the source of our peace in times of struggle, conflict and uncertainty. We want to share about the peace that Jesus brought, to non-Christians. He brings us peace with God, peace in our souls, and peace in our relationships. We will highlight the role of peace and the message of peace as it relates to Jesus’ birth and how we can continue to receive his peace today.

This project has 15 episodes with street interviews, devotions, and 30 songs about Biblical aspects of peace. People from around the Arab World: Lebanon, Jordan, Syria, Iraq, Egypt, Sudan, Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia were asked to share what peace means to them.

Our follow-up team is in contact with responders. Support them by your prayers and consider a donation towards the follow-up counselling.



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