Gamila, a short film about finding true love.

Will Sarah, a modern Samaritan woman, find real love? (Based on the Gospel of John, chapter 4, and an actual story).

Sarah is a young woman who has grown up in an environment without love. As a teenager, Sarah started having relationships, looking for love and hoping to fill the emptiness in her life. Each relationship was unhealthy. She alternated between being a victim and a manipulator. Realising she is treated as a toy, she experiences a complete break-down.

How applicable, confronting and encouraging is the story of the Samaritan woman. Jesus does not judge her because of her murky past but offers her a future of forgiveness and a new life. Her life changed dramatically after her encounter with Jesus. Do we view her as a sinner to be shunned, or as a human being who needs to be embraced by grace and hope for the future?

This Arab Vision film wants to break through taboos like loneliness and rejection. Those who got a preview were touched by how the film gets across the powerful message of being embraced by unconditional mercy and acceptance.

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