Empowering Yemeni women

Yemeni women are suffering grievously, not only physically through the indiscriminate bombing and shelling, food and medicinal shortages, but also because of the many restrictions imposed on them by society.

Women do not enjoy the same opportunities as Yemeni men. Discrimination, oppression and violence against women need to be shown to be unacceptable and their rights need to be recognised in all areas. This way women’s dignity will be restored and their enormous value in building and influencing families and society will be recognised.

Arab Vision and Light for Yemen want to encourage Yemeni women to assert their own identity and abilities and to play a full part in the reconstruction of their country. That is why we have produced a 26 part series which has been broadcast on satellite TV and is used extensively on social media. It addresses subjects that particularly trouble Yemeni women, including: insignificance, family, envy, abuse, gender inequality, shame, perspectives for the future.

Social media enables both women and men to respond to the programmes anonymously. Follow-up teams have conversations with people who are touched by the message, and want to share their own story, their struggle with their identity, amidst an ongoing dire situation in their country.

Watch the trailer

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