A New Beginning

New beginnings are never easy in the Arab World. Failure leads to shame and loss of reputation. Through our new Easter project we want to speak to those who feel they don’t have a way forward, and are in desperate need for change. We want to share how the power of Christ’s resurrection can touch people’s lives and bring hope. Hope in relationships, in conflicts, in all areas in life.

The programme series aims to dig into the profound meanings of new beginnings, showing how the resurrection is not a mere moment in history but an ongoing opportunity for renewal. We will explore the themes of tolerance, hope, and love through the lens of Paul’s personal new beginning.

‘A New Beginning’ will have 15 episodes, and 30 beautiful songs. We will look at Saul’s dramatic encounter with Jesus, and the change this caused in his life. How hopeful it is to see how Saul was chosen to radically change from Christ’s persecutor into a wholeheartedly committed follower of Christ – his past forgiven, his name changed to Paul. Other ‘Easter characters’ like the disciples on the road to Emmaus, Simon of Cyrene, Mary Magdalene, and Thomas will be featured; all of them experienced change and new beginnings through Jesus.

We want to encourage Arab Christians and share hope with all Arabs who need to be touched by the life-changing power of Christ’s resurrection. Will you join us and share that hope in the Arab World? We are looking for 100 people who want to join us in this project by donating €/$/£ 140.

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