Women in the Bible

Biblical Insights for Modern Times

Jesus’ treatment of women was revolutionary, breaking the social norms of His times. Even the earliest Biblical records of Christ’s interactions with women give primary evidence that He treated all women with consummate respect, affording them dignity and special standing that was unheard of at the time. Christ’s life is an effective model for Arab men and women to follow.

The focus of this series will be on women Jesus encountered in His life on earth. We will look at a number of women Christ interacted with during His earthly ministry; Mary the mother of Jesus,  Mary and Martha, sisters of Lazarus; the Samaritan woman, Mary Magdalene; the woman with the issue of blood; and others. In each instance, Christ recognized the immense value of each woman and showed the extent of God’s own appreciation for her in the circumstances in her life.

The series consist of two parts: the first part is about women in Christ’s life. The second part will be about women from the Old Testament. Each part will consist of 13 episodes of about half an hour.

Interview with the scriptwriter

Women in the Arab World are often not treated according to their value. “The Bible says that women are very precious. God treats women fairly, it is people who treat women badly”, says the scriptwriter of our program “Women in the Bible”.

“The main issue of the program is not women’s rights but that they can change their situation by faith”, says the 64-year-old script writer. Each episode begins with a short drama about a woman from biblical times and is followed by comments and experiences of a woman of today. “One of the examples we use is the Canaanite woman, mentioned in Matt. 15:21-28. Jesus praises her faith and fulfils her desire: He heals her daughter. The disciples found it shocking that Jesus praised this gentile woman’s faith. Jesus’ treatment of women was and is different from how the world treats them.”

“We should all have that attitude of Jesus towards women. I wouldn’t have been who I am today if it had not been for my mother, who shaped me during the first years of my life, and my wife to whom I’ve been married for 35 years now”, concludes the script writer.

The series has been broadcast by various satellite channels and is frequently used on social media platforms. Watch some episodes with subtitles on our YouTube channel. The whole series is available with English subtitles on a USB drive. Please write to us at contact@arabvision.org

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