Project Mark

Project Mark – Sharing the Gospel in Libya

Did you know that the apostle Mark was born in Cyrene (located in Libya), like Simon, the one who carried Jesus’ cross?  The apostle Mark was allegedly the apostle who brought the Gospel to Egypt and Libya. In the first centuries AD Libya was one of the bustling centres of early Christian history.

In Project Mark, the Gospel in Libya, some prominent persons responsible for the development of early Christianity, are brought to the stage, and share the Christian roots of North Africa.

Six docu-drama episodes have been produced.

Let us know through our contact form if you want to watch one, and we will send you a subtitled episode as soon as possible.

Today, in the 21st century, there are still Christians in (and outside of) Libya. Not many, and they are struggling with persecution, but the Libyan church is growing.

Arab Vision produces programmes to share the light and hope of the Gospel through the history of Christians in Libya and North Africa, and through today’s Libyan Christians sharing their hope and faith in Jesus Christ, in their own Libyan Arabic dialect.

Watch the parable of the sower from Luke 8 in Libyan Arabic:

Watch some Bible stories produced through sand art (Sandy Tales) in Libyan Arabic



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