Messages of hope in a divided world: principles for reconciliation

Arabic and Hebrew
We produced a documentary of 45 minutes (three episodes of 15 minutes) on reconciliation in cooperation with several organisations, including Musalaha, an organisation in Jerusalem which has been working with Palestinian Christians and Messianic Jews since 1990 to promote reconciliation between Israelis and Palestinians according to biblical principles. Goal of the documentary is to evoke awareness and discussion in the Arab World about biblical reconciliation principles.

Theologians dr. Isaac Munther and Lisa Loden share about the Biblical basis for reconciliation in the first episode, without losing sight of the reality of the situation in the country. “We live here in many respects in a complicated situation. There are many people groups here and we need to get along,” says Lisa Loden. “I belong to a small community of Messianic Jews. I have many brothers and sisters here, also among Arab and Israeli Palestinians. But there are many differences and many problems between us. Differences in theology, way of life, social circumstances, political opinions… there is much that divides us. But as believers in Christ, Who is the basis of our faith and life, we should be united because we are sibling, according to the Scriptures and the will of God… When Jesus was on earth he saw every person, He accepted everyone. He is our example.”

In part 2 and 3 we see examples of reconciliation in daily life, including a desert trip with Palestinians and Israelis; how people live together in a small village of Nes Ammin and how students in the old city of Jerusalem are studying and performing classical music together.

The languages of the program are Arabic and Hebrew, subtitled in Arabic where Hebrew is being spoken, and the other way around. We have also subitled the series in English and Dutch. If you would like to receive the documentary on USB, please send a message to

The documentary with English subtitles can also be watched on our YouTube channel.

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