Mark my words

Arab Vision is producing a series of 365 short clips in which Arab children proclaim the word of God by simply citing Bible verses. These clips of just a few seconds each are used on Christian satellite television and on the internet, using Facebook and Instagram.

We want to present the Gospel to non-Christians around the Arab World, in its purest form (without explanation), and in a neutral way. Often people are more open to words spoken by children, even if they don’t know the source of the words. We simply want viewers to get acquainted with Biblical truths, words of wisdom, of love and grace, words of Jesus Christ himself, by quoting them without interpretation. We also want to encourage and lift up Arab Christians through these short clips: “How sweet are your words to my taste, sweeter than honey to my mouth!”

Mark my words is a heart-warming series. Because we also want to show through the children that everyone is valuable, about 5% of the verses are read by children with special needs. Some of the clips are in sign language.

We have produced this series in Arabic and continue with producing series with children speaking Berber languages of North Africa and Armenian. These clips are ideal for use on social media, but they will also be used by various satellite broadcasters.

Furthermore, we want to challenge parents with their children, to memorise bible-verses. The illiteracy rates in the Arab World are still fairly high, and these clips by children are a beautiful way to help people who cannot read or write, to get to know biblical truths better.

Have a look at the following clips to get an impression of this series

Come unto Me in sign language

God is love

We are His people

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