Help, my child claims to be an atheist

The so-called Arab Spring may not have led to much more freedom in Arab countries, but it did cause a wave of people starting to doubt their Christian or Islamic faith openly. Many parents became very worried about their teenage children who started to claim they had become atheists.

For Arab Vision this was a good sign in a way. We produced a series of programmes to help open the discussion in a constructive way. The spotlight is on families dealing with young people who express doubts, relatives who openly call themselves atheists, parents and other members of the family who have no idea how to relate to this. Nobody is used to have an open conversation about believing or not believing, and this is the purpose of the programs: to open up the conversation, to give room for questions and doubts. No ready-made answers, but searching for the essence of faith together.

The programme format is drama, about a family living in an apartment in a big building, which they are sharing with their relatives.

The series consists of 13 episodes, and was shown on satellite TV. Short clips were shared on our social media platforms.


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