Youth & children

About half of the population of the Arab World is younger than 25. Arab youth is growing up in a changing world and much is demanding their attention. Many of them are also confronted with violence and war. Families, church and society are often conservative and young people seldom find room for open and honest conversations about items that are important to them, like faith, doubt, relationships and sexuality.

Arab Vision’s programs for youth provide informative and innovative advice to challenge young people to live a Christian life. They are encouraged to do their own research and to share their ideas and experiences.

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Youth hold the key?!

Arab Vision’s drama series Young (anti-)heroes in the Bible. Last year we produced these dramatised Bible stories about Joseph, Esther, Jeremiah, and many more: 26 episodes. In May and June 2023 they were broadcast via Facebook, Youtube, and TikTok. During just those 2 months videos of the series were watched more than a million times, 6500 conversations between Arabic speaking responders and our counsellors took place, 6 people decided to start being followers of Jesus, and 85 people started one of our online discipleship courses.

Thank and pray for the (ongoing) impact of this series. Watch subtitled episodes here.

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