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Arab Christians often face discrimination or persecution and are in urgent need of encouragement. Faith in Jesus can be very costly. Muslims who have become Christians often pay a high price and are put under pressure by family and friends. Leaving Islam (apostasy) is considered to be treason; there are numerous stories about divorce, imprisonment, torture and even death after Muslims became Christians. There is a great need for encouragement to stand strong in their faith. Many of them often have no other believers around them.

Arab Vision produces and shares programme series for new believers, and for Arab Christians who were born in a Christian family, and who have a desire to know more about being a follower of Jesus Christ.

We develop and present online (discipleship) courses with Arabic speaking coaches, which people can join in their own way.

Read more about our current productions.

New beginnings are never easy in the Arab World. Failure leads to shame and loss of reputation. Through our new Easter project we want to speak to those who feel they don’t have a way forward, and are in desperate need for change. We want to share how the power of Christ’s resurrection can touch people’s lives and bring hope. Hope in relationships, in conflicts, in all areas in life.

The programme series aims to dig into the profound meanings of new beginnings, showing how the resurrection is not a mere moment in history but an ongoing opportunity for renewal. We will explore the themes of tolerance, hope, and love through the lens of Paul’s personal new beginning.

‘A New Beginning’ will have 15 episodes, and 30 beautiful songs. We will look at Saul’s dramatic encounter with Jesus, and the change this caused in his life. How hopeful it is to see how Saul was chosen to radically change from Christ’s persecutor into a wholeheartedly committed follower of Christ – his past forgiven, his name changed to Paul. Other ‘Easter characters’ like the disciples on the road to Emmaus, Simon of Cyrene, Mary Magdalene, and Thomas will be featured; all of them experienced change and new beginnings through Jesus.

We want to encourage Arab Christians and share hope with all Arabs who need to be touched by the life-changing power of Christ’s resurrection. Will you join us and share that hope in the Arab World? We are looking for 100 people who want to join us in this project by donating €/$/£ 140.

‘Now if we are children, then we are heirs. Heirs of God and co-heirs with Christ, if indeed we share in his sufferings in order that we may also share in his glory’ – Romans 8.17

The Church in Libya, Yemen, Saudi Arabia and Algeria suffers oppression and persecution. However, we see evidence of a growing openness for the Gospel. Arab Vision’s social media ministry has many responders in Algeria and Yemen, both Christians and seekers.

We are planning the production of 12 short clips with encouraging Bible verses by speakers from the 4 countries, and will share those on our various social media platforms. Bless the many viewers of our programs in Yemen, Algeria, Saudi Arabia and Libya by praying and giving for this project.

Biblical Insights for Modern Times

Jesus’ treatment of women was revolutionary, breaking the social norms of His times. Even the earliest Biblical records of Christ’s interactions with women give primary evidence that He treated all women with high respect, affording them dignity and special standing that was unheard of at the time. Christ’s life is an effective model for Arab men and women to follow.

The series has been broadcast by various satellite channels and is frequently used on social media platforms. Presently the series is being dubbed in Urdu to make them available for Pakistani women and men.

Watch the series the series with subtitles on our YouTube channel.

In 2007 we produced the first season of Maaki, a series of life stories shared by Arab Christian women. This series has been used to encourage people as they watch the testimonies since the focus is on God’s faithfulness in their situations, not on a solution to the problems.

Presently, 5 seasons of Maaki are available; the fifth and most recent season is focusing on Arab refugee women. Rahma, Lydia and many others share their heartbreaking stories and testify about God’s faithfulness.

Watch the episode about Azhar:

The so-called Arab Spring may not have led to much more freedom in Arab countries, but it did cause a wave of people starting to doubt their Christian or Islamic faith openly. Many parents became very worried about their teenage children who started to claim they had become atheists.

For Arab Vision this was a good sign in a way. We produced a series of programmes to help open the discussion in a constructive way. The spotlight is on families dealing with young people who express doubts, relatives who openly call themselves atheists, parents and other members of the family who have no idea how to relate to this. Nobody is used to have an open conversation about believing or not believing, and this is the purpose of the programs: to open up the conversation, to give room for questions and doubts. No ready-made answers, but searching for the essence of faith together.

The programme format is drama, about a family living in an apartment in a big building, which they are sharing with their relatives.

The series consists of 13 episodes, and was shown on satellite TV. Short clips were shared on our social media platforms.


Coptic Christians in Egypt are the largest Christian community in the Middle East. The Coptic Orthodox Church is one of the oldest, surviving churches in the region. There are, however, many Copts who are no longer actively involved in church life. Without the strong community relationships, they run the risk of drifting away from their faith.

Arab Vision is working with the Coptic Church in Egypt through a project that will encourage Coptic Christians to rejoin the community life of the church and revitalise their faith.

People will be invited to share a weekly community meal and watch a video. They will hear the faith presented in a manner which is designed to revive their enthusiasm. After seven meetings of sharing meals and faith presentations, they will be invited to a conference where they will have the opportunity to renew their commitment to the faith and to the church community.  Subsequently they will receive follow-up to help them persevere in their commitments.

We have produced 8 videos of about half an hour each, presenting the faith through topics like baptism, confirmation, Eucharist, penance and reconciliation, marriage, serving in the church community  (vital elements in the Coptic Church) and community-life.

The introduction by Pope Tawadros II has been filmed and a pilot will be run in about 20 churches in the south of Egypt. Sharing a meal, studying the lesson together via the video and discussing the material together, so people can grow in the faith. We are subtitling the whole course in English; it will be excellent course material for migrants all over the world.

Watch the trailer.

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