A brief introduction to the work of Arab Vision

A 8-minutes video on the Arab world and the ministry of Arab Vision.

You can watch it here and if you would like to have a copy in order to share about our ministry with your friends, family and church, please contact us. We also have a 4 min video available. We can send it to you on a USB stick.

Sing to the Lord a New Song!

15 Christian Songs in Arabic.

Arab Vision offers you a wonderful collection of 15 Arabic songs to pass on to your Arabic speaking friends, colleagues or family or to anyone who loves to listen to Arabic music.
If you would like to receive the music clips, which are now only available on a USB stick, please contact us.

Watch some of the music video-clips here.

Signs of hope in a divided world

Signs of hope in a divided world

Documentary about reconciliation

Different aspects of the process of reconciliation are shown in this documentary of three episodes of 15 minutes, always from a Palestinian and Israeli perspective.

In part one Dr Isaac Munther, academic dean at Bethlehem Bible College and theologian Lisa Loden, speaker and writer about reconciliation, share about the Biblical basis for reconciliation, without losing sight of the reality of the situation in the country.

In part 2 we see how the principles for reconciliation are put into practice in the Musalaha movement. Dr Salim Munayer and Evan Thomas, founders of the organisation, share about their motivation and participants of a desert trip speak about their experiences.

Part 3 shows how Jewish and Palestinian people live together in the small village of Nes Ammim and how students of the Magnificat Institute in the old city of Jerusalem are studying and performing classical music together.

Available on USB, in Arabic and Hebrew with English subtitles.

Women in the Bible

Women in the Bible – 26 episodes of approximately 10 minutes about women in the Bible. In Arabic with English subtitles.

Available on USB.

Watch Abigail

Hope for Tomorrow

The second season of our series Hope for Tomorrow has been subtitled in English and is available on USB. 13 episodes in Arabic about issues like early marriage, FGM, domestic violence, pornography, incest, etc.

Watch one episode from our first season.

Watch us on Youtube
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