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New! Promotional DVD about AV

Although new changes may happen quickly in the Arab world, causing our new promo to be outdated soon again, we launched our new 7 minutes video on the Arab world and the ministry of Arab Vision. You can watch it here and download it. Please feel free to use it to share our ministry with your friends, family and your church. To cover the cost of the production of this promo, your (small) donation is welcome!

Missiology for Arabs

Arab Vision is the owner of a webzine for missiological thinking in the Arab World, called St Francis Magazine.  You may want to go there regularly for the great articles that we publish.  This magazine is a project that we share with Interserve.

Lives changed

Arab Vision’s strategic mandate is to produce and to distribute urgently needed Christian television programs, and to help those who respond to these broadcasts to become Christians and to grow in the Christian faith. 

These programs are made available to Christian television and Internet broadcasters for the Arab World.  Because many channels broadcast them repeatedly, the programs of Arab Vision fill at least 10 hours of airtime each day.  They are also watched in North America, Europe and Asia, and are available as streaming video on many websites – including as a 24/7 broadcast on one of our web TV channels.  We aim to maximize the distribution of our programs. 

We are vitally concerned that people respond to our productions and choose to follow Christ as Savior and Lord – both in their beliefs and their behavior.  We therefore invite people to respond to our programs, and ensure that follow-up specialists are readily available to properly respond to viewer questions and comments.  And Arabs are responding to our programs.  More than 40,000 people from across the Middle East and North Africa responded by telephone and email in 2009.  

  • Tens of thousands of Arab Christians have throughout the years communicated to us how our programs have positively impacted their lives. 
  • Thousands of Muslims have throughout the years testified to the life-changing impact of these programs.  They became Christians.  They were baptized.  And they joined other Christians in churches in the Arab World.
  • Through our programs with a focus on societal change, we have seen some real changes in the Arab World.

Secular and Islamic media every now and then discuss programs of Arab Vision that aim to change society.  In one instance, one of our programs, distributed to political leaders, effected a change in legislation for more protection of women and children against violence in the home. 

The Christian broadcasters who broadcast the programs of Arab Vision all testify to the high technical quality and the depth of the Christian content.  These programs are among the most popular Christian programs in the Arab World. 

Arab Vision has also been a catalyst for the beginning of other Christian television production companies in the Arab World, as we have shown that it is possible to produce these programs and have them broadcast, without suffering forced closure by the censorship authorities, the police or other governmental agencies.  Moreover, many programs of Arab Vision have been exemplary for other producers.  Arab Vision has been a leader in producing programs with female Christian speakers, Christian music programs, programs against female circumcision, programs for parents and teachers of handicapped children, Christian programs about family problems, and other critically important topics.

Arab Vision's TV programs are broadcast on various satellite stations reaching all parts of the Arab World.  Every month, thousands of viewers respond to our programs with their questions, comments and desire to know more about Christ.  

You can read some sample translations of these responses by clicking on the Arab countries below. 


Please pray for sufficient and timely donations we need to produce a series of evangelistic Christmas programs.


You make the difference!

Your decision makes a difference in the Arab World. Your financial support for our ministry impacts Arab Muslims. How to do this? You can find all necessary information HERE

New book: Godly Leadership

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